Areas of specialist expertise

Financial translations

This is our main area of specialization. We have a great deal of experience in translating financial texts, such as fund prospectuses, stock market reports, market analyses, documents relating to the transfer of funds, risk management and documentary payment transactions.


We are also very used to translating annual reports and annual accounts, as well as texts relating to corporate governance and compliance, documents requiring the application of IFRS, IAS standards, etc.

Legal translations

Here we are particularly experienced when it comes to the translation of legal documents relating to business, finance and accounting, such as: company law, commercial law, documents relating to the sale, purchase and transfer of shares, contracts and licensing agreements, general terms and conditions, probate and inheritance, bankruptcies and liquidations, articles of association.

Company communication

Internal communication, human resources management, project management, vacancies, letters, press releases, company magazines, etc.


Thanks to prior experience in the educational sector, this is a natural specialism for Alcuna. Our expertise ranges from the translation of diplomas to a considerable body of work relating to the translation of academic articles on educational themes.

General texts

And, of course, a translator with a broad educational foundation is more than able to translate general texts of a non-technical nature.