Why go to a professional translator?

In the first place, of course, because a professional translator has studied his or her source languages to at least university degree level and undergone postgraduate professional training on top of that.

An experienced professional translator is also a specialist: over the course of a long career, he or she has specialized in a small number of subject areas. You can’t translate what you don’t understand. An experienced professional will have a working knowledge of the subject matter so that he or she can use the correct terminology and produce a final text that even an expert in the subject area would not find fault with. He will also consult with your in-house experts on the subject if needed.

Professional translators always translate into their native language. This means that your text will read like it was written in the target language. It won’t read like a translation.

Professional translators use special software that enable them to create a database of your in-house terminology in the various languages your texts have to be translated into and to apply your in-house style to all your documents.
Professional translators are continually updating their knowledge of their source and target languages so as to keep abreast of new terminology and to learn more about their areas of specialism.