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Having good translations is vital to presenting your information in the right way and getting your message across correctly. Your translations should reflect your company’s high standards and will affect your image.

A good translation:

  • Correctly conveys your core message to the intended target group
  • Reads well
  • Uses the right terminology
  • Is consistent with your in-house style

Our translations are of a very high quality because:

  • We make sure we know what you want
  • We guarantee that the information you give us will remain confidential
  • As a member of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters (BKVT) I am obliged to comply with certain requirements of membership and I am bound by their code of professional ethics.
  • I only accept work within a small number of specialist areas and I regularly update my knowledge and expertise. This gives me the required expertise, backed up by specialized glossaries and electronic dictionaries, and supplemented by terminological research.
  • The use of dedicated translation software allows me to work faster and more efficiently and to create a database of specific terminology for each individual customer, and to use existing documentation to put together glossaries of terminology and/or reference files for each customer. This means that your translations are both rigorously accurate and stylistically consistent.
  • This software also includes quality control functions that can be very useful for proof-readings.
  • Alcuna works directly with the customer and with professionals in the field of commerce and industry.
  • Els and other translators hired by Alcuna, translate into their native language, so you can rely on the correct use of language texts.
  • Your texts will be delivered in the same format in which they were originally created (in Office). This means that the translation is ready for immediate use or further processing. Where source texts are provided as hardcopy the key features of the lay-out will be retained.

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Your translations are usually delivered electronically. In the case of sworn or legalized translations these will be sent to you by post or courier. You may also collect these in person, if you wish.