At Alcuna we offer the following services:

Professional translations

  • Translation of¬†financial and legal documents and any other type of text that comes within our areas of specialist expertise.
  • Sworn translations of your official documents.
  • We can offer a reduced rate for amendments or additions to existing translations.


We can proof-read documents that have been translated internally.

This service includes:

  • Comparing the translation with the original to ensure that it has been correctly translated and that nothing has been left out
  • Checking and correction of spelling, grammar and style
  • Verifying the correct use of terminology.

Writing, editing and correction of original copy in Dutch

  • We can also check and correct your original copy and source documents for spelling, grammar and style.
  • We can draft texts for you based on notes provided by you.
  • You can have your texts checked for spelling and grammar only.


Another service we offer is advice on the best way to approach multilingual communication.